Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Paper River Flows...Good News

We keep singing "Row Row Row your boat" and wondering.....Does the paper stream ever stop flowing??? We have sent off our newly "re-signed and notarized" accountants documents and our psychiatrist's documents for apostilles. The Texas Secretary of State has had our psychiatrist's documents for apostilles since the end of last week. Santa Fe has had the state police clearances and the accountant's documents since Monday of this week waiting appostilles there.

So, I have had to do a little shopping therapy to calm my nerves;-). I bought Vika a beautiful coat online with the matching hat and gloves. Today, the doorbell rang and I thought, "The documents are here"!!! I opened the front door and it was a box from the mailman containing Vika's hat and gloves. They are really nice with thick fleece lining. I'll post a picture when her coat arrives. Apparently her coat is coming in a separate box.

I also ordered the most darling dresses for Vika and all the girls to wear for her first Sunday at church. We will take her before the congregation at the end of Mass and ask for blessings from our priest and prayers from our fellow parishioners. We are planning to do Katie Aunna, John-John, and Vika's baptism at the same time around Christmas. I am soooo excited;-).

Anyway...I took the box with Vika's hat and gloves to Papa's closet where all her other things are being stored in a big box. The door bell rings again. I thought "FEDEX" and sure enough both the documents from Santa Fe and Austin were in the FedEx man's hands. Oh what a wonderful delivery!!! I wanted to scream "BINGO" as he handed me two envelopes...LOL!!! But, I didn't want him to think I need a psychiatrist when mine was already driving me crazy....teehee.

Now I have to go to Duane's office on Sunday and make copies of approximately fifteen pounds of paperwork. I got savvy with this dossier and did both the visit trip dossier and the court dossier all in one and it is one huge dossier. I will count the number of pages, weigh it, and take a picture of it to post for you. I would also like to lay her clothes out on my bed and take a picture of them to post. Now All I need to do is make a family photo album for her and get a travel date. Keep the prayers coming and maybe by the third week of September I will be traveling to Russia. Oh that sounds so good!!! Many blessings!!!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the clothes and dossier papers photos. Wow, you are getting so close!! Hooray!!
    continuing to pray for your family and Vika,