Tuesday, September 8, 2009

FedEx and Just For Your Entertainment;-)

I just checked to see if our big beautiful dossier has left town yet and it is in transit right now...ohhh myyyyy!!! I'm officially expecting. I have these huge butterflies in my stomach!!! It keeps sinking in...little....by...little that I will likely be traveling to see my "dara-guya-dochinka" or my darling daughter in two weeks or three at most. OMGOOODNESS!!!!

Oh I can't wait to touch her pretty soft face and kiss her and kiss her and kiss her and kiss her hug her and hug her and hug her and hug her...well....you get the picture!!!! BTW...the FedEx info said the dossier weighed 6.8 pounds. I am having a 6.8 pound baby...only she will be 10 years old on the 24Th.

Here is something funny, too. Everything with Katie Aunna's adoption seemed to happen in triplicate. If I sneezed, it was mostly three times in a row...Ha Ha. We ended up staying three weeks in Murmansk rather than two. I always saw three jet streaks in the sky all the time, it took us three shots at the paperwork to get it correct for them and so on!!! Our visits with her were three times on the first trip, three times on the court trip, we picked her up on the first day after court. All odd numbers;-).

Katie Aunna was also our odd number child...child number 11 if you count our lost twins. Since I am still the deceased twin boy and girl's mother...we have to count them in the number of children in our marriage. Another odd (not even) with Katie...Duane and I were married 35 years and Katie was our third Russian child......hmmmm. Katie was five years old when we fell in love with her video. We waited a year to take her. She came home in may the 5Th month of the year. She is our fifth daughter. Hmmmmm!!!!

With Vika..I sneeze twice most often. She is our 12Th child or 10Th living. She is our second adoption trip to Murmansk, Russia. She turns ten years old on the 24Th another even number. I always see two jet streaks. She was 8 years old when we met her and turned nine years old the following September from when we adopted Katie. Now she is going to be ten when we get her and I may make it for her her 10Th birthday. Okay...God loves numbers...so I thought these were fairly interesting;-). Gold bless and please please please pray for us...your prayers are so strongly coveted by us at this time.


  1. YAY!!! Prayers are with you... We have no "new progress" but I talked to V today and he still wants to be adopted. I ask everytime we talk, so I can say "good" like he says to me when I say my hand hurts from all the paperwork. Today is a good day!!
    PS- check fb for a new friend for you

  2. Wow Trisha. That is a big dossier baby. 2 or 3 weeks til you travel, that is so exciting. We are all jumping up and down here with joy.