Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today's News...It's Even Better!!!

I was hoping for a speedy turn around so our dossier could soon be DTR. Well...this is "Over The Rainbow" where dreams really do come true;-). Our dossier went out to Frank Foundation today by overnight FedEx Express!!!! Tomorrow Frank will have the dossier....oh my!!!! This means they will do a quick look at it and add whatever they need and it will then be off to Russia....VERY SOON!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

I'll be traveling in about two weeks from now. So, my corrected documents got to K2A on Vika's birthday and shipped out same day to Frank today. JENY...YOU ROCK!!!!!!!! Those hugs and kisses from my daughter are only weeks away now...I'm so happy that I may not sleep tonight.
My little girl is about to have her lifelong dream become a reality and I'm so blessed to be so loved!!!! Let's pray for a fast date...a miracle date that only our great God can do!!! OMGOODNESS:>))))))) Plus, Jeny is sending an email attachment with the visa applications. Another good indicator of needing to get our "ducks" in a row!!!

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  1. Great news Trisha!!! Things are really starting to quickly fall into place. The children are doing the happy dance and chanting Vika, Vika, Vika. Too funny. Can't wait to follow along on your trip.