Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Step Forward

We are all doing better today. At least once a day I have to cry. But, I know my dear friend is better where she is now and I am rejoicing that she is home with Jesus. Our time together has been so special and she will always be close to my heart.

Wednesday was exhausting as we took our paperwork to Santa Fe and got our apostilles. They did not like the accountant's signature...LOL. He signs very lightly and they insisted it was his stamp. However, the notary and I were in his office when he did the documents....urgh!!! So, Duane is going back to his office with our notary tomorrow evening.

I am thinking he should sign on a hard surface with a single sheet of paper. I will send those documents by FedEx on Monday. Maybe we will have it back on Wednesday. We are still waiting on the documents to return from Texas, after which we will be well on our way, to a complete dossier.

YIPEEE!!! I am beginning to really get excited!!! The psychiatrist finally got his documents in to me and now they are on their way to Austin. So, we are moving forward. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Many blessings!!!

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  1. Trish,
    Just want you to know I think of you often. Is it normal to cry every day? While I do not, I can feel quite melancholy at any given time! Dont we have enough other kids to keep our minds busy?
    I got to talk to Vlad two times in the past week! I want to reassure him that we are missing him, and following thru with the adoption - unlike so many others he may have seen not work out.
    We are waiting for our h/s to be written up.. I am slowly gathering dossier docs.. But I count the days till my trip...
    Praying for you guys,