Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Step Forward

We are all doing better today. At least once a day I have to cry. But, I know my dear friend is better where she is now and I am rejoicing that she is home with Jesus. Our time together has been so special and she will always be close to my heart.

Wednesday was exhausting as we took our paperwork to Santa Fe and got our apostilles. They did not like the accountant's signature...LOL. He signs very lightly and they insisted it was his stamp. However, the notary and I were in his office when he did the documents....urgh!!! So, Duane is going back to his office with our notary tomorrow evening.

I am thinking he should sign on a hard surface with a single sheet of paper. I will send those documents by FedEx on Monday. Maybe we will have it back on Wednesday. We are still waiting on the documents to return from Texas, after which we will be well on our way, to a complete dossier.

YIPEEE!!! I am beginning to really get excited!!! The psychiatrist finally got his documents in to me and now they are on their way to Austin. So, we are moving forward. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Many blessings!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Different World

First, I want to tell you that I appreciate your encouragement!!! I apologize for complaining about the psychiatrist's paperwork. I hope God forgives me for my whining when things in life can be so much more serious. BTW....the new set of documents came today and they are still not correct. Their office was closed this afternoon and so I will need to contact them in the morning. However, my perspective has changed drastically. Well the post I wanted to make today.....I am quite sad.

When I was only thirteen years old, my parents with my only sister and I, moved to our present location in August of 1969. It was a new town and I knew no one. As we began unloading our belongings, and settling into our home, a young girl (one year older than I am) came skipping across the front lawn. I can still see her huge smile and long strawberry blond hair. She introduced herself and thereafter we became very good friends. In fact, we became "best friends" and so it remained throughout our adulthood for the next fourty years.

In fact, she loved my children and they certainly loved her. This past May we found out that she had lung cancer and it had spread into her brain. My darling friend died last Thursday late in the night. All of our documents for the dossier were notarized last Thursday!!! I did not know the end was so near as she never said a word to me when we spoke not long ago.

Her funeral was this morning. So, my heart is very sad. Saying goodbye is so difficult. But, she told me several months back when we talked about her fighting this cancer; "This life is only temporary anyway and God's world is forever. I will be waiting for you there." Of course, I scolded her and said she must be optimistic and fight this. She did and she gave it a good fight, too.

I am happy that she is feasting at the Lord's table and especially that she is no longer in any pain. She is with her daddy who proceeded her, and with my parents, as they always loved her so much. Gail is looking upon the beautiful face of Jesus and all that He is in Glory. However, the world feels like a strangely different place now. I'm selfish...I miss her already. Many blessings and thank-you for being my friends!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just When You Think Your Done

You never fails that just when you think "I'm done" throws a wrench in the works. One would think a psychiatrist has his crap together. But, guess again!!! I am just so frustrated after waiting since the end of July for the psychiatric report and four simple forms to come "overnight" FedEx.

I got the package today and he LOST four of the forms!!!! Of course, his secretary claims we never gave those to the doctor. However, I carefully put all the needed items into a large envelope with a blue ink pen and reviewed it with him during our....ummm....fifteen minutes of the one hour appointment. Plus, he simply copied his report from Katie Aunna's adoption last year and did not bother to change the age of the child we are adopting...URGH!!!! I have everything done and waiting for apostilles....and still have no psychiatric report.

Talk about driving a person crazy;-). I was relatively sane upon beginning the process. Duane says; "Well, Honey, the dear old doctor is trying to drum up extra business by making us all nuts". Now do you see why this adoption blog is private? I really want to openly share what is going on with our Russian adoption.

These documents must be sent to Austin for apostilles and returned to me. Then they go to our dossier agency in Washington for their review and on to the foreign agency in North Carolina. After going through all these reviews they will go to Russia for translation. I really want to tell Vika "Happy Birthday" and set her mind at ease. This hope goes screeching through my mind as I calmly talk to her about the report error and the missing forms. Then the psychiatrist's secretary says "Oh, the doctor can only get notaries on Fridays".

I just hope and pray he does not prolong finishing his job like he has in starting it!!! Okay...time for a large glass of wine and a good movie with my kids. Thanks for letting me vent. I should have cut a check for all of you rather than wasting it on the psychiatrist's report...LOL!!! All prayers and encouragement are welcome!!! Many blessings....Vika's Mom

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Paperwork :-D

Today, I received the one document due to me from the State of Texas. If the psychiatrist will get his documents to me I can then send it all to Austin for apostilles. Next, we would be able to go to Santa Fe and get our documents done in this state!!! Waiting...waiting...waiting...the most difficult part of this game.

Every day Katie Aunna tells me "Mama, Vika's coming home soon. She will be so happy here." I reassure her that this is true. Eventually, everything will fall into place and we will be flying over to Russia to bring our darling girl home. We are only waiting for the last document from the psychiatrist and then we can stress about funding even more than we already are. Please, pray for God's Divine Will to step into place and in His perfect time.

Duane and I celebrated our 36 year anniversary today. Guess what we talked about on our rare date out with no children in tow??? That's right "VIKA" and getting her home. I had to laugh as he blushed and smiled when he said "I want to go on the first trip with you". All along I thought I would be traveling with one of my older children or alone.

Then he says he wants to go with me on the first trip. I ask why he has a change of heart and mind? He says..."Because, I can't get past a sad feeling at not being there to see her face when she realizes she has a family who loves her. That's worth more than anything in the world on the face of an older child."

I must admit this is ever so true. Our babies and toddlers we have adopted were more thrown into a process that they had no choice about. Vika may choose if she wants to take on this change in her life. I think she will do so bravely with a heart filled with joy. Her persona will be radiating much grace and dignity as she steps boldly into her new life.

We covet your prayers for our adoption process to be smooth, our funding to be present at the crucial time when needed, and that Vika has a peace (even if she does not know why she has peace) as she waits for God to send her home to America ><> Thank-you and many blessings!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Week Of Paperwork

Monday begins a new week of paper-chasing for me in our quest to our darling girl. I am planning on sitting down with all the documents I have gathered during the last couple of weeks and getting them in order. We will make the appointment with the notary to come to the house so we can sign everything and get the notaries done. We still need a copy of our home deed and the letters from the sheriff's office should be ready as well.

I only need one piece of paper from Texas officials...the doctors licensor letter....and all of those documents can be sent for apostilles!!!! Then we can hopefully get the rest of the dossier apostilled here (actually in Santa Fe) which is about an eight hour drive round trip. Next, it will be sent to K2A, then to Frank Adoption, if there are no errors!!! Finally, we will then be DTR and can breath a sigh of relief for a little while. YEAH!!!!

Keep praying for funding as this is our biggest issue at present and I don't know where the money will come from. But, I know this is God's Will and so it will come. I have faith that He knows when and from where. Until then I will continue to pray and trust that He loves Vika more than I do (that's a whole lot)!!! He cares for the little sparrow and so how much more will He care for our little girl. Many blessings....Vika's Mama

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Medicals Completed

Yesterday and today have been very busy for us. However, they have been highly productive days and we have been blessed immensely. First, we have enjoyed seeing our dear friend Patrick. God sure placed him here on this Earth to be His light shinning bright. Secondly, we completed the medicals for both trip one and court. Additionally, we have decided we love our new family doctor and can not wait for him to examine Vika.

Now, all I need to do is get the report from the psychiatrist, after which we can send all the medical documents to Austin for apostilles. Keep praying....we are almost paper ready to fly!!! I long for the day that we can say three things: "one....we are DTR (dossier to Russia), two....we have a court date, and three....we are coming home" ;-). I am getting very anxious to tell Vika that she is loved and that God is taking care of her needs for a family.

Vika's heart has been hurting for a family of her own for way too long. I can only imagine how horrible it is to be a child who is all alone and to think that no one loves her or wants to make her part of their family. To think of the future in her own country is so frightening due to her special needs. We are praying for the miracle of the funds to appear for the process so we can get her home as quickly as possible. Our dossier will need to be sent with the next payment. So, your prayers are so crucial right now. Thank-you and many blessings!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Next Baby Step

Next week, we certainly will be very busy. I have an appointment on Monday for the kids to have some updates on their immunizations. Then on Tuesday, we are ALL going to Lubbock for our first trip medicals for Duane and I, and the dossier physicals, for the children. On Wednesday, Duane and I will go to the doctor of internal medicine, for the court physical.

If all goes well, we will have these medicals completed next week. I also heard from the psychiatrist's office yesterday and they are getting their evaluation and paperwork together. They said I would have this next week as well!!! We are at last toddling into the final stretch!!! Next, I will need to get our apostilles and some things together for Vika. She needs a photo album so she can begin to think about this place she will call home;-). I would love to find some clothing for her orphanage as a donation. It would be a nice way to figure out what sizes she will wear so I can buy some things for her;-).

I feel that I am only about a month away from seeing my daughter once again after a long year and a half. This thrills my heart in such a big way!!! I just can not wait to hold her in my arms and tell her that she is my little girl. Her birthday is the third week of September and this will be the perfect month to make this first trip. I will be wishing her a happy birthday and giving to her the gift she has been hoping to have for a very long time...a family of her own who adores her!!! Please...pray for our progress, and for our little girl. Many blessings!!!