Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting the Glitches Out

I received the review of our dossier from K2A. Not too bad for the first review. It has a couple of easily resolvable issues and one not so easy issue. The more difficult glitch....was with a state of NM document...urg!!! However, after hassling all week long about it....they have redone their documents. Now lets pray they keep their word to Duane this morning and FedEx the corrected documents out today. Unfortunately, these state documents need to come to me and then go for apostilles and back to me. I will then be able to send them out to K2A over night.

Thank God and give Him praise and glory as the other glitches are with the absolutely easiest and smartest people to work with!!! The documents should be well on their way to corrected Monday. So, the likeliness that all dossier issues will be resolved by Wednesday or Thursday of next week is very good. Of course, don't let up on those all important prayers from my treasured friends on this blog.

You are all loved and appreciated more than I can express!!! Oh how I want to tell you that the dossier is DTR. But, just a few glitches to resolve for step two which is a second review and approval from my fabulous K2A and then my wonderful foreign agency Frank Adoption Center must do their review and give their approval. Usually, if there are dossier documents that they don't like or that the Moscow Frank Agent doesn't like, I get to hand carry those.

Yes...that means....drum roll....once the dossier is reviewed in Moscow....a travel date is set!!!! I will at long last, hold and comfort my little girl in my arms, where she may melt with relief that...truly I have come back to take her to her forever family soon. I know, that like with Katie Aunna, it will be the most exciting and touching day of her life. A day she will never forget and neither will you and I;-). Keep those prayers coming and many blessings!!!!

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