Saturday, September 26, 2009

Looking Forward to Monday

I am so looking forward to Monday. This is the first full day Frank will have to briefly review the documents and (hopefully) approve them and ship them out to Russia. I love the Fed Ex truck;-). Once they hit Moscow the facilitator there checks them briefly and sends them to Murmansk for translations.
This entire process takes about ten days to two weeks. Because, Frank works so fast, and has such a good relationship with officials, the visit trip is sometimes set before the documents are fully translated. I will be in transit and my documents will be in the finishing phase for the Ministry Officials. On the day I arrive, the officials will have had time, to make sure each component needed is present.
It will be during trip one that he/she will mention any document they do not like and that they want done differently. It is next submitted to the judge and he/she will set the court date.Oh please, please, please, pray that we will get our documents approved and receive a fast travel date followed by a quick court date.
I want to be with her so much...but, I am thinking she wants to be with me even more. She has dreamed of this for her entire life!!!! I know Vika is so excited about her mama. She will be so very thrilled and so will I!!! So, please pray very hard with us, as two or more praying, are powerful in God's own ear!!! Thank-you and many blessings....Trisha and Vika

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