Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Final Paperwork Complete

"Over The Rainbow" Russian style. Now how's that for a cake??? We took a picture of this cake while in Russia for Katie Aunna's adoption. The building behind me are reflected in the window glass. I think this is a very appropriate picture for Vika's adoption progress;-). "Happy 10TH birthday tomorrow darling girl!!!"

At long last....the final and corrected paperwork came FedEx this afternoon. Thank-you for your prayers as they have been answered!!! They were beautiful and very correct;-). I have shipped the new corrected documents and a copy of the dossier to Kids To Adopt. "Go Jeny...go!!!" This shipment weighed 2.85 pounds. So, with the 6.8 pound shipment, that makes slightly over 9 pounds of documents!!!

God is orchestrating everything so beautifully!!! Tomorrow will be Vika's 10TH birthday and our dossier will likely be shipped out to Frank Foundation as soon as it is received and organized by K2A. We are so happy and relieved to have it all in perfect shape. Now I can say " documents are in order"!!!! Keep those prayers going to Russia and we appreciate them so much. Now we need a travel date;-). However, I am told that Murmansk is waiting for our dossier to arrive. They are ready on their side of things. Many blessing!!!


  1. Tears of joy Trisha!! We have been looking/hoping to see this post all week. Happy Birthday to Vika/Alexis tomorrow. Hope you get a travel date soon. Good job. Thank you for all the work you all have done to make this happen; along with God's help ,course.

  2. Praise God!!! I am so happy!! Happy Birthday sweet little Lexi! You are such a blessed little girl to get a family for your birthday!!! In God's time..but we will pray for a fast travel date!! Maybe we can meet somewhere in the middle for a diet Coke? :) YEAH!!!!