Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Medicals Completed

Yesterday and today have been very busy for us. However, they have been highly productive days and we have been blessed immensely. First, we have enjoyed seeing our dear friend Patrick. God sure placed him here on this Earth to be His light shinning bright. Secondly, we completed the medicals for both trip one and court. Additionally, we have decided we love our new family doctor and can not wait for him to examine Vika.

Now, all I need to do is get the report from the psychiatrist, after which we can send all the medical documents to Austin for apostilles. Keep praying....we are almost paper ready to fly!!! I long for the day that we can say three things: "one....we are DTR (dossier to Russia), two....we have a court date, and three....we are coming home" ;-). I am getting very anxious to tell Vika that she is loved and that God is taking care of her needs for a family.

Vika's heart has been hurting for a family of her own for way too long. I can only imagine how horrible it is to be a child who is all alone and to think that no one loves her or wants to make her part of their family. To think of the future in her own country is so frightening due to her special needs. We are praying for the miracle of the funds to appear for the process so we can get her home as quickly as possible. Our dossier will need to be sent with the next payment. So, your prayers are so crucial right now. Thank-you and many blessings!!!

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  1. Glad progress is being made. Sounds like it is all coming together nicely. You all continue to be in our prayers.