Monday, August 24, 2009

A Different World

First, I want to tell you that I appreciate your encouragement!!! I apologize for complaining about the psychiatrist's paperwork. I hope God forgives me for my whining when things in life can be so much more serious. BTW....the new set of documents came today and they are still not correct. Their office was closed this afternoon and so I will need to contact them in the morning. However, my perspective has changed drastically. Well the post I wanted to make today.....I am quite sad.

When I was only thirteen years old, my parents with my only sister and I, moved to our present location in August of 1969. It was a new town and I knew no one. As we began unloading our belongings, and settling into our home, a young girl (one year older than I am) came skipping across the front lawn. I can still see her huge smile and long strawberry blond hair. She introduced herself and thereafter we became very good friends. In fact, we became "best friends" and so it remained throughout our adulthood for the next fourty years.

In fact, she loved my children and they certainly loved her. This past May we found out that she had lung cancer and it had spread into her brain. My darling friend died last Thursday late in the night. All of our documents for the dossier were notarized last Thursday!!! I did not know the end was so near as she never said a word to me when we spoke not long ago.

Her funeral was this morning. So, my heart is very sad. Saying goodbye is so difficult. But, she told me several months back when we talked about her fighting this cancer; "This life is only temporary anyway and God's world is forever. I will be waiting for you there." Of course, I scolded her and said she must be optimistic and fight this. She did and she gave it a good fight, too.

I am happy that she is feasting at the Lord's table and especially that she is no longer in any pain. She is with her daddy who proceeded her, and with my parents, as they always loved her so much. Gail is looking upon the beautiful face of Jesus and all that He is in Glory. However, the world feels like a strangely different place now. I'm selfish...I miss her already. Many blessings and thank-you for being my friends!!!

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  1. So sorry Trisha for your loss. Gail sounds like she was a wonderful long time friend.