Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Week Of Paperwork

Monday begins a new week of paper-chasing for me in our quest to our darling girl. I am planning on sitting down with all the documents I have gathered during the last couple of weeks and getting them in order. We will make the appointment with the notary to come to the house so we can sign everything and get the notaries done. We still need a copy of our home deed and the letters from the sheriff's office should be ready as well.

I only need one piece of paper from Texas officials...the doctors licensor letter....and all of those documents can be sent for apostilles!!!! Then we can hopefully get the rest of the dossier apostilled here (actually in Santa Fe) which is about an eight hour drive round trip. Next, it will be sent to K2A, then to Frank Adoption, if there are no errors!!! Finally, we will then be DTR and can breath a sigh of relief for a little while. YEAH!!!!

Keep praying for funding as this is our biggest issue at present and I don't know where the money will come from. But, I know this is God's Will and so it will come. I have faith that He knows when and from where. Until then I will continue to pray and trust that He loves Vika more than I do (that's a whole lot)!!! He cares for the little sparrow and so how much more will He care for our little girl. Many blessings....Vika's Mama

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