Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just When You Think Your Done

You never fails that just when you think "I'm done" throws a wrench in the works. One would think a psychiatrist has his crap together. But, guess again!!! I am just so frustrated after waiting since the end of July for the psychiatric report and four simple forms to come "overnight" FedEx.

I got the package today and he LOST four of the forms!!!! Of course, his secretary claims we never gave those to the doctor. However, I carefully put all the needed items into a large envelope with a blue ink pen and reviewed it with him during our....ummm....fifteen minutes of the one hour appointment. Plus, he simply copied his report from Katie Aunna's adoption last year and did not bother to change the age of the child we are adopting...URGH!!!! I have everything done and waiting for apostilles....and still have no psychiatric report.

Talk about driving a person crazy;-). I was relatively sane upon beginning the process. Duane says; "Well, Honey, the dear old doctor is trying to drum up extra business by making us all nuts". Now do you see why this adoption blog is private? I really want to openly share what is going on with our Russian adoption.

These documents must be sent to Austin for apostilles and returned to me. Then they go to our dossier agency in Washington for their review and on to the foreign agency in North Carolina. After going through all these reviews they will go to Russia for translation. I really want to tell Vika "Happy Birthday" and set her mind at ease. This hope goes screeching through my mind as I calmly talk to her about the report error and the missing forms. Then the psychiatrist's secretary says "Oh, the doctor can only get notaries on Fridays".

I just hope and pray he does not prolong finishing his job like he has in starting it!!! Okay...time for a large glass of wine and a good movie with my kids. Thanks for letting me vent. I should have cut a check for all of you rather than wasting it on the psychiatrist's report...LOL!!! All prayers and encouragement are welcome!!! Many blessings....Vika's Mom


  1. Nothing more frustrating than when you can't "do it yourself" as part of the dossier process :) I will pray the psychiatrist gets his "act together" and the appropriate papers signed and to you quickly. Remember to "let go and let God" (I know easier said than done for those of us who like control :) )

  2. I can empathize with you COMPLETELY! We are in the process of adopting, also, and we have had experiences just like that, one right after another. It is soooooo agonizing having our children waiting and waiting as documents get done and re-done. I pray that we will ALL travel soon!

  3. Sorry for the delay Trisha. Hopefully he will get his act together quickly and you can proceed. Hang in there.