Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Paperwork :-D

Today, I received the one document due to me from the State of Texas. If the psychiatrist will get his documents to me I can then send it all to Austin for apostilles. Next, we would be able to go to Santa Fe and get our documents done in this state!!! Waiting...waiting...waiting...the most difficult part of this game.

Every day Katie Aunna tells me "Mama, Vika's coming home soon. She will be so happy here." I reassure her that this is true. Eventually, everything will fall into place and we will be flying over to Russia to bring our darling girl home. We are only waiting for the last document from the psychiatrist and then we can stress about funding even more than we already are. Please, pray for God's Divine Will to step into place and in His perfect time.

Duane and I celebrated our 36 year anniversary today. Guess what we talked about on our rare date out with no children in tow??? That's right "VIKA" and getting her home. I had to laugh as he blushed and smiled when he said "I want to go on the first trip with you". All along I thought I would be traveling with one of my older children or alone.

Then he says he wants to go with me on the first trip. I ask why he has a change of heart and mind? He says..."Because, I can't get past a sad feeling at not being there to see her face when she realizes she has a family who loves her. That's worth more than anything in the world on the face of an older child."

I must admit this is ever so true. Our babies and toddlers we have adopted were more thrown into a process that they had no choice about. Vika may choose if she wants to take on this change in her life. I think she will do so bravely with a heart filled with joy. Her persona will be radiating much grace and dignity as she steps boldly into her new life.

We covet your prayers for our adoption process to be smooth, our funding to be present at the crucial time when needed, and that Vika has a peace (even if she does not know why she has peace) as she waits for God to send her home to America ><> Thank-you and many blessings!!!

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  1. Prayers being said that all of your needs, hopes, and dreams are met to bring Vika home soon. May God Bless you all!