Saturday, December 19, 2009

We're in Moscow

We just arrived about an hour ago. It was pretty funny as I kept negotiating with the taxi companies until a biding, of sorts, started among them about who could give us the lowest fare. It started off that the one taxi wanted 6000 rubble!!! I said NYET and another fellow jumped in at 5000. I finally got the lowest price possible as when I said less he said forget it. We got a 30 minute ride for 2200. Now that's what I call negotiating power...LOL!!!! Never-the-less...we have safely arrived and tomorrow begins another journey in our quest to bring home our little girl. I know she is "impatiently" waiting like only a Russian can;-). Many blessings and lots of love to all....Trisha and Duane


  1. Oooh, I'm SO jealous! I can hardly wait to follow along. Very happy for all of you. What an amazing journey. Enjoy it. I bet she will just be estatic to see you two again so soon! Take some picture of reindeer in Murmansk.


  2. I am so happy you made it!!! You have been on my mind since I hung up with you. Dan let me go out shopping (groceries) by myself!!! :) Keep us posted about everything!!

  3. I called all the kids, and at 10pm my time, 900pm your time they were all in bed on a Saturday night !!!! sounds early for your kids, will try to call them tomorrow an hour earlier. I read your post to Casey. Your daughter sends her love.