Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello From Murmansk

Hi everyone. We took Alexis from the orphanage yesterday. She was completely trusting and has been really enjoying herself with Mama and Papa. Her Gameboy...ummmm I mean...Gamegirl is a hit. It is such an entertainment for her.

Last night I gave her a great bath. She smells as sweet as can be and like the rest of my kids do. You should have seen the dirt going down the drain. Then she had a nice nail trim and I painted her nails red!!!! HaHa....she loved that. She kept saying that she is a princess now.

She also told me that when she grows up in America she will make me so proud because she will be a doctor and make a lot of American money....LOL!!! I would not be a bit surprised at her. She is very bright. Lexi is learning to say a few English words.

The words that I know she knows in English I won't speak Russian to her about those things. Hey kids...I miss you like you can't imagine and hope to be home on time if the weather clears off. We are not able to fly out yet. But tonight we will return to Moscow and start our way home soon. Hang in there and be good for Kisty. Our love to all...Many Blessings...Love Mama, Papa, and Lexi


  1. I was getting concerned that you hadn't posted!! But I am so glad to know it has because you have been busy bonding with your daughter!! Love you and can't wait until you are home safe and sound!!! :)

  2. Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. Glad Lexi is with her Mama and Papa!!

  3. I just read your post to the kids, and they were cheering with glee ! Casey answered the phone, Kisty was at Wal-mart, so tonight I will call her back later and read it to her too, I know she worries too about her parents ! Sounds like the kids are doing good and so is the new princess ! I can't wait to see her home with her forever family !