Monday, December 14, 2009


We are home now. In fact, we made it safely home last week. I have been grieving as our darling family pet passed away the day after our return home. You can read more on the family blog "Journey To Yellow Brick Road". I just can't write about it again and also feel that this is not the correct blog. So, I am letting all those who have been so faithfully in prayer for our family know that Lexi is so close to coming home now. We are returning to bring her home on the 18TH of December. We will be flying home with her on December 25TH. What a day for a celebration of new life joining our family!!!

I have only four days left to pack and continue with my Christmas preparations. We have not found time or energy to put up our Christmas tree. I have spent the last three days wrapping gifts and have finally completed that process. There are no Christmas goodies made!!! No time for cooking:-(. I am posting a Montage of pictures. Alexis is so happy!!! She appeared in court that day and told the judge that she had been waiting for us for the last year. Lexi said she knew we would return for her.

The judge asked her what if another family would have come and she responded with "No, I have been waiting for my Mama and Papa to come for me"!!! I am so thankful to our God that His wisdom is so powerful that He can answer the dreams of a little girl who yet does not know to pray to her Savior and God. Soon she will know the Lord and begin the most important process of her life...developing a relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I am so excited and anxious to teach this to her. How wonderfully blessed I am to be her forever mother and friend.

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  1. May your trip be smiled upon by God... And the officials!
    your last blog made me cry. I have been waiting for the post that says you are on your way!!
    FYI - we have Vlad here now for 4 weeks!!