Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good News

Just wanted to make a quick post. We got Alexis' passport and visa this morning. We will be arriving home as planned. Please kids....don't get out in the cold night air to come to meet us. We will be home tomorrow night very very late and will wake you when we get home. Alexis is anxious to go home and asks often when will we go. Unfortunately, I have not been able to teach her any English as she refuses. But, my Russian has gotten very good now that she coaches me...LOL!!!! Also, don't worry as we will have Christmas as planned on Saturday. So, don't open anything until we get home!!! Lots of love and miss you all a bunch. Love....Mom, Dad, and Lexi

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  1. I just called Kisty ! They are on their way to the play ! They are very excited ! They know to wait for Saturday to open presents ! I think it's going to be hard to keep some of them from going to sleep tomorrow night ! Christmas will start when their parents and new sister walk through the doors !

    It is flooding a little here in Arkansas, we are waiting til the am to go to church !

    Love you, can't wait to talk to you !

    Merry Christmas !