Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bringing Lexi Home

I think a montage is worth a thousand words!!! Although, I do want to mention that it was Polar Days when we adopted Katie Aunna (never got dark) and it was Polar Nights with Alexis' adoption (never had any daylight). Guess you could say night and day. Personality wise...they are night and day...LOL!!! Lexi is calm and quiet where Katie is bouncy and noisy;-). So, here is the picture journal of our trip to Russia to bring our daughter home. It will likely be posted on our family blog as well since this blog has been closed to the public. Additionally, now that Alexis is part of the family....I will not be making any more posts to this blog. However, you may still follow our progress and watch the drastic changes that will occur over time with Lexi. The family blog is titled "Journey To Yellow Brick Road" and may be found at this link:

Once again....I am greatly appreciative of all your prayers and best wishes for our family. Many blessings!!!

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