Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day Two

Walking like an Egyptian at 30,000 feet;-).

October 19, 2009: Casey was so extremely excited to be going on this trip. He hoped to learn many things about people and he was very anxious to meet his new sister first!!! He had worked his tail off last week to do two weeks of school work in one. His goal was to go to Russia homework free and he was successful. I had hopes he would have a great trip and be a wonderful traveling companion. Thus far, he had filled the picture perfectly. He loaded luggage into the car, unloaded it and checked it in at our first flight from Amarillo. I love that he held doors open for me and was a very pleasant young man.

Our flight to Houston was perfect and timely. We had four hours to burn there and so we looked in the shops and just had a great time walking around the airport and talking. He was so excited and happy. It was really sweet to see him enjoying my undivided attention. It was nice for me to have one on one time with him. He is so intelligent and such a kind person. Casey gave me a number of belly rolls during our trip.
After a few hours or goofing off we went into a sports bar/restaurant to have some food before our flight and watch some Sunday afternoon football. I had a couple of vodkas in preparation for our next flight...LOL!!! Guess I was sprouting some wings of my own. But, it was good for my nerves, as I was beginning to get anxious. At long last my Vika was waiting for me to arrive and I knew she was feeling as anxious as I was.

Our big airbus pulled to the dock and we boarded for a ten and a half hour flight to Amsterdam. This was our overnight flight to the European side of the world. Casey was very excited and I dreaded it;-) on one hand and adored it on the other. It was my passage from mother of nine living children to ten. I love even numbers and she represents that and the end of adding onto our family. A final step in our life and yet a happy beginning to the state of fulfilment.
During our long flight Casey and I watched a lot of TV and had many interesting conversations. At one point, I had a stress out, and so Casey took over and found a comfort zone for me. He noticed one of my favorite comfort movies (Wizard of Oz) and plugged me into a safe place. After it was over I was just fine and ready to continue with my heart's desire. What a sweetie pie he has been and quite a world traveler. Neither one of us slept on those flights to Amsterdam!!! We were just way too excited;-).

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