Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day Four

We got dressed early and decided to take the shuttle to the airport and find breakfast there. Once we checked our bags in to Aeroflot Russian Airlines we had the opportunity to look around the airport. It really is not a very difficult airport to navigate at all. In fact, I like it a lot better than many I have been in. We found a great little breakfast buffet and ate before our flight time.

The flight to Moscow seemed to go quickly since we were sort of rested from the night of sleep. I still felt like I was in motion when I woke up but, this was a great day as we would fly on to Murmansk from Moscow. We arrived without incident to Moscow and took a taxi over to the Hotel Novotel to wait in their lobby where we were met by the Frank Foundation representative, Irina. She loaded us up in the van and we went to the domestic airport.

There we boarded another plane and flew about four hours to Murmansk. Yuri was there to meet us and gave a big bear hug. He had a new translator, which pleased me greatly, as I really did not like the translator we used during Katie Aunna's adoption. This one...also named Tatiana, was very pleasant and sweet. I liked her right away. The strangest thing happened as we all stood there chatting.

One of the airport police came up to us and asked to see our passports. She said we were foreigners and wanted to see our visa. This was odd as it is doubtful we would have made it to this point without one. But, she was insisting we did not have a visa to be in Russia!!! I asked to show her several times before she and Yuri along with Tatiana began having a loud Russian discussion;-).

Finally, I was able to get my passport and I flipped to the visa in mine and then showed her Casey's. she wrote down everything on her little pocket notepad!!! I kept thinking how crazy this was, but, whatever made her happy was thrilling to me so we would be allowed to get our bags and leave. We checked into what was the Zori and now is known as Parkway Inn. Yuri said we would meet with the ministry official at 9:00am and then we would go to visit with Vika...YEAH!!!!

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