Friday, October 16, 2009

Count Down to Vika

Well tomorrow we leave for Amarillo. We will spend the night and leave on our first of many flights to Murmansk!!! There God's greatest treasure awaits our arrival....a child who wants a family and a family who wants a little girl....coming together at last!!! I had such sweet dreams of her last night and enjoyed my sleep. Usually I don't remember my dreams. However, it was so wonderful that my mind carried the vision into my day today.

We are packed, passports with visas are in hand, money from the bank is together, and now we prepare to travel. I want you to know that as we travel to Murmansk (Sunday through Tuesday) I will not have access to a computer. So, do not be alarmed!!! You will get information regarding our travels and our meeting with the Russian Princess. I will also attempt to post pictures!!! Talk to you one more time before we go tomorrow. Many blessings...Vika's Mama!!!!


  1. Big hugs Trisha. ((( )))) Enjoy your trip. So glad your son gets to travel with you. What a neat experience for him. Can't wait for the next updates.
    save travels,

  2. OMG ! A whole week we won't talk ! I can't wait for the update and pictures !


  3. Okay busy lady, you never wrote me back--LOL. I do hope you two have a safe & "uneventful" trip. An enjoyable one but uneventful. I can hardly stand the wait. Alyona still asks when Vika will get her family. Just SO happy that she actually has one now! That child has waited too long & I think will be such a blessing to your bunch. Best wishes. I have a lot to talk about when you get home...hint, hint.