Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day One

Loaded up and ready to fly out for Russia;-).

October 18, 2009: Casey and I rushed around like crazy people getting things packed and re-packed. I reorganized at least one hundred times...LOL!!! I wanted to have one carry-on and two checked bags. We actually started with the DVD player with DVDs in it's case, my briefcase full of dossier papers, flight schedules, hotel reservations, and maps, and my purse filled to the limit.

I had made a reservation at the new Holiday Inn in Amarillo for that Saturday evening in the hope of a good night of rest before our long journey. Finally, we loaded up and said our goodbyes. Kisty, Shane, DeeDee, and Lil' Trish came over to wish us a safe trip. Then Duane came home from work and we made our family prayer circle to pray for safe travel and wonderful memories.

John was thrilled to see Kisty. He knew he was going to stay with her during my absence. John-John kept rolling his Spiderman suitcase all over the house. Just chomping at the bits to go with Kisty for some baby time from big sister;-). When they came into the house he gave Shane a high five and jumped into Kisty's arms...ready to leave with her!!! Shane's sister would be coming on Monday to be my substitute teacher while we were gone.

Casey and I loaded up and left mid-afternoon. On the way to Amarillo, I had this idea to put the dossier folder (very thick and heavy) and the DVD case in one rolling suitcase. We stopped in Amarillo and bought a cheap rolling bag for the carry-on. We went to dinner and then checked into our hotel room. I slept very well somehow!!! Casey did not, as he had never flown out of the country, and was quite nervous. The next morning everything went smoothly and timely. We were on our way to see Vika!!!

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