Monday, October 19, 2009


Hi...We are safely in Amsterdam and enjoying the sights. I am a bit stressed...mainly yesterday when I was so extremely tired. We checked into our airport hotel and then walked to a nearby McDonald's;-). We then returned to our room and took a wonderful...needed...bath!!!! Aftr eatin a bite we then got into bed for a little rest;-). After a two hour nap we were feeling much better. Neither Casey nor I slept on the flight from Amarillo...Houston....Amsterdam. We were hooting like two little owls...LOL!!!! At this time we are checked into our Moscow flights and I am certsainly a Mama on a mission now. Casey has been such a wonderful little man!!!! Talk to you once we are in Murmansk tonight. Much love and many blessing~Trisha and Pal Casey


  1. I am sooooo thankful that you made it over the body of water!!! I tried to call you while I was waiting in the plane ready to take off from Chicago to go home to MPLS! I even tried your cell phone!! LOVE YOU!! POST POST POST!!

  2. So happy you all made it & can hardly stand the wait till Vika!!! I think I'm nearly as excited for you as you are--LOL. Glad Casey is such a great traveller. Good luck & let us know when you get to Murmansk.