Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Every Little Step

It seems, that with every little step forward that we take, I get more and more anxious to complete my dossier. Today, Duane and I went to our local lab, and had our blood-work done. We expect it back in about ten days. Our doctor appointment is set for the middle of August at Texas Tech. I don't have the kids medicals set up just yet. However, I expect my friend at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center will contact me tomorrow to set this appointment. I am getting ready to fill out the dossier forms and put all that stuff in order. I think (hope/pray) our dossier will be ready to ship to K2A by August 17TH. PRAY with me for this date as within 90 days the process will be completed.

The pressure is building more and more with each step to get me on that jet to Russia. Duane will not travel on the first trip, as we both, have already met our darling girl. He will have the FUN of staying home with the kids and going to work every day;-). I can't imagine how that would make me feel. But, he is happy to go with the flow.
Our agency sent the power of attorney for me to carry with me for the meeting with the Ministry. This document will allow me to legally sign Duane's name on the petition to adopt Vika.

However, one very important business matter must be settled between Vika and I.... how she feels about her name we have picked for her. If she likes the name Alexis Viktoria...great...if not, then she will have to discuss with me names she does like. In return, I must decide if they will be acceptable American names, for her lifetime here. Very important business for us to decide. During this first trip all her adoption documents will have her name on it for the adoption process. Most importantly, the petition for her adoption will have the name that we will choose. So, I will need to talk to her about this issue.

I just can't wait to visit with her and give her lots of love and reassurance. What a big step for a little child to take. Leaving everything she knows for a place where she doesn't even speak the language. Everything will be so different for her. I want her to keep the name Viktoria as it is such an important part of who she is now and who she has been since her birth. It has helped Katie Aunna to keep her familiar name of Aunna. Although, now we often call her "Katie" without using her middle name, and she is fine with this. I think it is because Aunna is still part of her identity and having the name "Katie" gave her a door to pass through into her new American life.

Well, these are just a few of the things going through my mind right now that I wanted to share with you as the journey to Vika develops. I know that my adoptions of our babies have held some of the same stress for our family changes and adjustments as adopting an older child does. Changing the family unit is no different when adopting an older child in that respect. But, the adoption of an older child differs in several aspects, namely the complexity of a child who has lived another life for a while before coming into a forever home.

On the up side...I love being able to share stories about our experience with Katie and she with us. She has very fond memories of our time together in Russia and after we initially arrived home. It is also very cool to hear her tell me about her experiences in Russia before she had a family. She was not happy in the orphanage and desired a family of her own more than I ever realized until she opened up to me.

One thing that sort of blew Katie's mind when we arrived in America...she had been carrying this little photo album I had made for her which had all her brothers and sisters pictures in it from our first visit. She knew everyone's name by the time we left Russia. When we arrived in Amarillo she freaked out in the airport as all these kids (her family) came to life running up to her. They were all speaking very fast excited English to her and hugging and kissing her.

These pictures she had been looking at had instantly become REALITY!!! WOW!!! She just crouched down on the floor in the airport beside my purse and began to cry. It was too much reality all at once for her. Duane scooped her up in his arms and she buried her face into his neck. He carried her out to the parked car. Once we were on the road traveling to Clovis, she began to open up, and she started speaking Russian sweet talk to Annie and Mary in the back seat of the van. AWE!!!

By the next day, Katie Aunna was all over them after having a good night of rest...or I should say....half the day of sleep in Mama and Papa's bed. It was so sweet the way all the kids tippie-toed around the house to allow her to rest. Everyone "shushing" each other if they tried to be too loud...LOL!!! here you have the musings of an expectant mother (mom2B4#10) and some insight into the future adjustments for all of us. Fortunately, I will be totally cool by the time Vika comes into my custody. Her work will then begin. Welcome to America my new baby girl and to a new way of life!!! Many blessings;-).

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