Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slowly We Progress

Mary and John-John..what cuties!!!
Katie and Karissa (front), Annie and Christian (Back), Duane looking on with great pride;-).
Casey Jay....My goodness, he is looking so "grown" up. What a happy teenager!!!

Here are a few pictures of Duane and the children while awaiting the firework display. Aren't they darling?!?!?! All we needed was Vika's picture with the other children. We had a wonderful 4TH of July. It seemed to help take our minds off everything that is going on in our busy life. The dossier is being slowly put together. Russia is closed during July and most of August. I have began to make medical appointments and other needed steps which lead to our composition of the dossier. We continue to pray for God's blessing on our adoption of Vika and feel very positive right now. Not much to report at present...slowly we progress!!! Many blessings and we hope you have had a great and long weekend;-).


  1. thanks for allowing me to follow your adoption. you have a beautiful family!

  2. Ahh, Casey ! My son in law ! What a cutie !