Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Surprise For Vika

Yesterday we received this little box with the dainty little blue ribbon. It is a gift for our darling Vika sent to her by the sweetest family. The children in this family made a bracelet for Vika as a love gift. One of the things that amazes me is that the ribbon is blue. The box is silver and so the ribbon could have been any color to match. But, it is blue...Vika's favorite color!!! I did not open the box or the little card with the gift, as it was so pretty, I wanted her to have the joy of opening it for the very first time. The content will be a surprise for all of us;-).

Thank-you Vickie and darling children. Your prayers over Vika's adoption are also very much appreciated. I would like to also thank each and every reader who is praying for the Lord to bring this special little girl home soon. It is something Vika has dreamed about for a very long time and she so deserves to have her own family.

She has done more good deeds, in caring for those children in her orphanage who are frail, than a lot of people do in a lifetime. Even though Vika has physical limitations of her own...she is a blessing to everyone she meets. Please, continue to pray for her process of adoption to flow smoothly and be successful. It is time that she is cared for by her own family and reunited with Katie Aunna. Many blessings!!!

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  1. Thank you for the nice post Trisha. I would hate to give credit to the wrong person.So just to let you know, we ended up purchasing the gift instead of making it. We got it from a lovely lady in TX at We thought her items were just beautiful. Have a great day.