Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moving Forward

This is a picture of Vika, Katie Aunna, and their friend Alyona when they were all together in the same orphanage. Alyona was adopted first, followed by Katie, and Vika was left behind with no family of her own....until NOW!!! Vika is the little girl on the far left dressed in the yellow costume and is talking to a little boy;-). Katie Aunna is talking to Alyona. Katie is the child on the far right in the green dress with the head scarf and Alyona is to the left of Katie with the purple dress. Aren't they darling???? I just can't wait to see the look on Vika's face when I show up to visit her and discuss her desire to be our daughter. I think she will be so happy!!!
Well anyway, I just wanted to give everyone an update, on our sweet little darling. Our home study is complete and the dossier is now in the works. We have received the USCIS clearance and are working on getting the medical requirements met. I am anticipating a completed dossier by August;-).
I would love to give her a huge birthday gift...that is....the gift that she has a family and hope for her future in America. Please pray that the composition of the dossier goes smoothly and quickly. Vika's birthday is September 24TH and I would love to have my first visit before that time so that I can let her know that she is coming home soon.
Bless her kind heart!!! She so deserves a chance in America with our loving family. I just can't wait to bring her home. Please be in prayer for a smooth process from here as we are about to actively pursue her adoption. Pray...Pray....Pray!!! Many blessings to you!!! Trisha


  1. Great picture Trisha. They are so cute. We will be praying for a smoothe process. We so appreciate the updates.

  2. We will keep praying! God is in control! Our children are waiting and are coming on God's time. So you and I are WAITING together! :)
    Love ya!