Saturday, November 28, 2009

We're Leaving Today

Hi everyone....Just wanted to post a little note to say that we are leaving for Russia today. We will spend the night in Amarillo and fly out early in the morning. Nervous...yes...that's a fact. Excited....without a doubt. Duane has been very happy to see our dauther after such a long time. He is acting like a child ready to go to Disneyland...LOL!!! I know Alexis will be just as happy to see her Papa as he is to see her. I am packed. I have one large suit case with clothes and one small bag with bathroom stuff to check. We have my purse and one small carry-on to take. We have no donations or gifts to give to the Russians this trip. But, perhaps we can do that on our next trip. Christmas and travel has taken a priority with us for now.

The plan is to be returning the 5TH of December with a successful court behind us. We will be bringing Lexi home on this trip only if by a huge miracle God touches this judges heart and she waives the ten-day post court wait. If that should not happen....we will return for her on the 16Th of December and home by the 23RD of December. Please, pray for the ten-day wait to be waived so Lexi can begin her life immediately with the family she has dresamed of all her life!!! Merry Christmas and many blessings!!! I will talk to you from Russia next time:-). Trisha

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