Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just had, a deep down in my gut feeling, that we would get postponed. Sure enough....we will not know the confirmed date until this Thursday. I don't even want to say what Duane said...but, he is very upset as we have booked airline tickets that will need to be changed!!! I honestly think he really regrets not going to see Lexi when I went...although he hasn't admitted it and I have not brought that up to him. So, more expense and bumps in the road:-(. Of course, the bottom line is, we are not the planners here, rather we are the players in God's great plan. So, Thanksgiving Day will not be our court date and I do so hope it is not a sad day for us. Please, continue to pray for our patience and for His Will and perfect timing to be done. Blessings...Trisha


  1. So sorry for your delays Trisha. Hope you get a confirmed one soon.

  2. So sorry for the delays but be prepared. They "delayed" our court date & then called us back to tell us to leave earlier! Will be praying for a speedy date for you all. Time she gets home to her family.

    Blessings to you & yours,


  3. Trish,
    There is a reason...wonder what it is? Wait...God knows!! We will pray for patience, God's timing and our understanding!
    Love ya,