Saturday, November 14, 2009

Making Plans

Casey, Lexi, and Mama
Lexi and big brother Casey

Happy girl Lexi and proud Mama!!! I love and adore her so extremely much. The feeling is mutual from her to Mama. Some how, in the depths of my heart, I think as I grow old she will be at my side to the end!!! Look how petite she got during my absence over the last year and a half!!! She is even prettier in person than on film. Imagine how she will blossom when she gets into her family!!!

I just wanted to make a quick update. Friday I had to travel to Santa Fe to get extra documents apostilled that the judge wanted. This happened to us with Katie Aunna as well, except it was the day before we were suppose to travel, which really complicated things. Needless to say, we were exhausted from traveling to Santa Fe, and then driving on to Amarillo that same evening. Please, pray that we will not be asked for anymore paperwork here and especially while we are over there.

Our plane tickets are booked and we continue to pray that our dates will not change. Just one week from today we will be on our way to see our daughter. I have not packed yet but, plan to do that next week. The part I dread the most is leaving her once again after court. I just can not see how we can stay during the wait. We are praying God will soften the judge's heart and allow Lexi's waiting to end after our court hearing. Duane wants Lexi to write a letter to the judge and beg her to please allow her to go home with us.

My back is much better and so God has answered the prayers of us all. Financially, we are still working on things to pull this all off. I know God will show us the way. Please, keep praying for our court date to stand, safety during our trip, for a successful court hearing, and for the judge to allow us to take immediate custody of Lexi. Will post again soon. Many blessings...Trisha (Lexi's Mama)

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  1. Trisha, do have Lexi write a letter to the judge. I think it is an excellent idea. Whether it works or not is another thing. Anything is worth a shot though. Especially, given the fact that you have her best friend at home. Never hurts to ask I feel. I so want her to come home to her family. Can't believe she'll be there for Christmas! How exciting. More pictures during trip two. We'll be praying for you. Good luck. Have you had contact w/ any of her bio family? Ask beforeyou leave. They told us Alyona's sister wanted to keep in touch but weren't allowed to give us the info...urghh. Try to relax, things eventually fall into place. They have to. Plus, we have to finish these adoptions up so you & I can write our book!