Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Home Study News

Well, it seems that things are finally coming together. Our home study will be complete next week and we can pick it up!!! I am getting these visions of the look on Vika's face when I walk through the doors of the Murmansk Orphanage. I am working on losing about 20 pounds before I go so my presence will meet or exceed her expectations from her own memory. Often when we love someone and don't see them for a while, our memory makes the person more sweet in dreams. I want Vika to be proud and satisfied when we meet again. From the looks of things, that may be sooner than I had anticipated. Things are finally beginning to move now. YIPEEE!!! Mama's coming, sweet girl...hang in there!!! Pray for our finances and for a speedy dossier composition. Many blessings...Trisha (Vika's Mama)

1 comment:

  1. Trisha,
    Glad to hear that things are moving along well. I would love to see the expression on Vika's face, too, when she sees you again. I know it would make me cry!
    Let me know how you plan on losing your 20#--I would love to lose it, too!