Friday, May 22, 2009

Waiting...Doing Nothing As Time Crawls By

I think the waiting to begin the process is the most difficult part of this journey. We are committed in our hearts, and our dreams and our children's dreams, are filled with visions of Lexi. However, we are not yet actively able to pursue her adoption. This waiting on others to begin our journey is so difficult. There is such a sense of not being in control. Although, the time between the visit trip and court is no picnic, there are at least things to be done during the interim. Doing "nothing" is ever so difficult because human nature is to "do" something in active pursuit of a dream. However, at this point in time, we must sit and wait as each day passes until we begin our dossier composition. Not a single moment goes by that I do not recall Lexi's tearful little face on my shoulder and feel her cheek as I patted her face in Russia last year. I pray that God will comfort her heart and keep her hope alive. We now have six more weeks before we can begin this tedious process of bringing Lexi home and uniting her with her forever family. Please, keep us in your prayers and especially for continued patience on our part. Many blessings!!!

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